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Yoga & Mindfulness classes for tots ~ teens on Martha's Vineyard


Playful yoga to calm your mind...

Be prepared to laugh, have fun and be yourself!

2017 cancer-free at 11, she's healthy & happy

Classes at: Eclipse Studio,Vineyard Haven or your location

Breathing and self-calming meditation techniques will be practiced along with games and music to groove to, stretch to, and relax with. Props and partner poses will add to the fun, along with many surprises. From years working with K-12th graders, Anne designs classes that are age appropriate and adaptable for all abilities.

This is not adult yoga simply modified for children... it was designed FOR children (and sometimes the wee ones' lucky caregivers, too.)

Google calendar

Has descriptions for both weekly classes & occasional offerings

Private Sessions
customized for you
  • One-on-One

  • Parent & child/children

  • Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Small group (up to 6 ppl)

  • School & camp settings

  • Parties, Scout troops, etc

Group classes
Also listed on  Google calendar
I was sweeping the floor this morning when I heard Eliza (2.5 yrs) repeating something over and over from the other room. When I moved in closer to listen, she was practicing 'Peace Begins With Me'.  Thanks Anne!"  ~ Jen C.

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